Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Vista do Rei - Sete Cidades - São Miguel PR3SMI


Trail Info

This trail starts at Vista do Rei viewpoint, ends in the parish of Sete Cidades and has the total estimated time of about 2 hours.

It starts on the western side of Cumeeira da Caldeira das Sete Cidades (Caldeira’s highest point). On this part of the trail you can observe the following: on your right-hand side Caldeira Seca and Sete Cidades lakes and on your left-hand side the western coast of S. Miguel island.

Follow this unpaved track until you reach a tarmacked road that links Mosteiros to Sete Cidades.

Go to the right and descend as far as you have an unpaved track on your left. Go along this track until you find a bifurcation.

This is the point where this trail crosses trail PR4 SMI (as seen in the map). Here turn to the right and descend to the parish of Sete Cidades.

This trail runs through a zone classified as Protected Landscape and, for this reason, we all have not only the responsibility of contributing to its protection, but also of ensuring its biodiversity through the conservation of this natural habitat.

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Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 7.7 km
Time average - 2h00
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Number of ratings: 687