Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Entre a Serra e o Mar - Santa Maria PRC3SMA


Trail Info

This trail starts next to the church of Santa Barbara in the northeast of the island.

Start by climbing the asphalt road for about 300m and turn left at the concrete incline to Atoleiros, where you will find two old mills. Keep left on the tarmac for 250m and turn right onto a dirt trail until you find Poço da Pedreira, a geosite, which is part of the Azores Geopark.

Go back to the tarmac road and go straight towards Terra Velha for about 2 km until you find the viewpoint overlooking the Bay of São Lourenço. Then follow the markings to Ermida de Nossa Senhora de Lurdes [Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes].

Go down the stairway, pass the gate and go down a path which leads to the Lagos Valley.

Cross the wooden bridge and continue on the tarmac road. Turn right on a steep concrete incline and proceed on the asphalt road until you reach the regional road. Keep left and after 10m turn right to a trail.

Follow the markings and walk the last kilometre until you return to the church of Santa Barbara.


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 9.7 km
Time average - 2h30m
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Number of ratings: 83