Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Serra do Topo - Caldeira do Santo Cristo – Fajã dos Cubres - São Jorge PR1SJO closed trail


Trail Info

This route starts at the hills of Serra do Topo next to the car park and close to the wind farm.

Start by climbing a wide trail, flanked by hydrangeas, until you reach a water tank.

Then head down a route amid species of endemic flora, such as the Azores heather, the Azores juniper, the Azores blueberry and the Azores sanicle. The trail is partially made of dirt and stone.

Continue until you will pass by a watercourse, where you will see a waterfall. Continue on the cobbled path towards Fajã de Santo Cristo. On arrival at this fajã [strip of land by the sea] turn right near the first house and continue on the dirt track to the chapel.

From here, take a shortcut (that skirts the small coastal lagoon) on the left and head towards Fajã do Belo. After this fajã, proceed for 2 km to a car park.

Continue on the road for 800m until you get to the Ermida de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes [Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes], where this route ends.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 10 km
Time average - 2h30m
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Average rating: 3.85 / 5
Number of ratings: 260