Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Padrão das Alminhas - Salto da Farinha - São Miguel PR21 SMI


Trail Info

This trail connects the villages of Salga and Achadinha, passing through places of enormous natural beauty and of major historical significance.

Begin the trail near the historical monument Padrão das Alminhas, which signs the disembarking of the Liberal Forces that came from Terceira Island, August 1831, during the Portuguese Civil War (1828 – 1834).Follow the road towards the coast, passing next the museum Casa da Cultura João Melo. As descending, enjoy the view over the coastline.

Cross the area known as Risco through an access parallel to a Levada (an irrigation channel), that used to power a watermill. Here, profit to explore an area, accessing several waterfalls. Go up the hillside until you reach a junction where you should make a detour to your left hand side, to a road giving access to Poço Azul. Back to the main road, you will come across a fork and, choosing the road on your left hand side, you will be back again to the historical monument Padrão das Alminhas, place where you started the walk.

If, at the fork, you choose the road on your right hand side, continue the walk towards Salto da Farinha (Salga). When at the regional road, you should go to your right hand side, entering a trail that goes towards Salto da Farinha, an impressive waterfall of 40 m high that used to help on the grain milling. Pass alongside the waterfall until the picnic area Fojo and make a detour on the base of this water stream. Profit to refresh yourself in the bathing area with access to the sea. The trail ends at the parking place and at the top of the climb, you can find the viewpoint of Salto da Farinha where you can see the waterfall as well as the North coast of the island.



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Länge - 4.3 km
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