Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Relheiras de São Brás - Terceira PRC8TER


Trail Info

This small circular route is mostly integrated in the forest area of ​​Biscoito das Fontinhas, classified as a protected area for the management of habitats or species.

The trail starts next to the picnic area of ​​São Brás and runs through this picnic park towards the Forest Nursery of Native Species, a multifunctional space that combines the production of endemic plants with dissemination actions and awareness of the local community for the conservation of the natural genetic resources. The route continues through a corridor of endemic flora species, duly identified, towards the forest area where most of the trail takes place, through old growth trees of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) and cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), which constitute an important habitat for a variety of Azorean endemic invertebrates and an important nesting site for the Azorean wood pigeon (Columba palumbus azorica).

At the entrance to the protected forest area, there is a monument to the oxcart, representing the cultural and historical importance of this mode of transportation in ancient times. Such importance is reflected by the “relheiras”, more or less deep, more or less wide, engraved in the rock due to the high circulation of oxcarts for years. Regarding other cultural and historical highlights, there is the water fountain “Fonte do Cão” and a basalt sculpture representing the Terceira island. 

About the landscape, there are some beautiful views to the geosites of Pico Alto and Serra do Cume and, roughly halfway through the hiking trail, near the slope of Ribeira dos Pães (torrential watercourse) a waterfall named “Pulho do Salto”. 

As the trail runs mainly on a protected area of the Terceira Nature Park, we all have the responsibility to ensure the safeguard of its biodiversity, with the utmost care and respect for it during the walk.



Kategorie - Rundweg
Schwierigkeit - Leicht
Länge - 6.8 km
Zeit Durchschnitt - 2h
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