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Quintas e Ribeiras - Pico PR17PIC closed trail


Trail Info

The trail, “Quintas e Ribeiras” begins on the main road, (Estrada Regional), in “Ribeira Seca”.

Follow this asphalt road. Next to the old school descend along an old lane that was used of the transportation of grapes to “Pontes”.

At the end of this lane turn right and follow the dirt track. Here you will enjoy the unique view over the coastal area of Aguada. Continue along the cost on the street “Rua dos Salgueiros”. At the end of this street climb the stairway until you reach the intersection with a laneway and turn left. Follow the lane next to the last wine cellar in the direction of “Pontas Negras”.

Continue along this lane until you reach the sign indicating the “Caminho Bravo” and follow this laneway. This section of the trail covers about 1.2 kilometers and this especially important as you will encounter many of the plants endemic to this region.   

Follow the signs returning to the regional road (Estrada Regional) and proceed to your left. After visiting the lookout continue a short distance towards the centre of Santa Cruz. Here you can enjoy the tidal pool that was integrated during the reconstruction of the old port which was destroyed by cyclone of 1946.

Turn right on the street “Rua Dr. Freitas Pimentel” and ascend to the “Rua dos Moinhos”. On this street you will encounter a stone bridge that has withstood the test of time. Ar the end of this lane and arriving at the regional road (Estrada Regional), turn left and follow the road, “Canada do Mar”, which will you back to “Santa Cruz das Ribeiras”.

Follow the laneway in front of you (BIscoitos), which will take you to a dirt road that runs along the cost to Santa Bárbara. Climb the entrance and turn left, then turn right on the next lane which will take you to a road that you should follow to your right. Arriving at the regional road (Estrada Regional) you will see a butcher shop. Continue along this road and turn to the right until you come into an area of beaten earth. After a short distance turn right, cross a pasture diagonally and follow the lane. At the first fork in the lane, next to shone house, continue to your left. When you reach the road turn right, after 600 meters, turn left and cross the regional road and follow the lane “Canada da Escola”.

At the end of this lane turn left and continue along to the centre of “Ribeiras”. 


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 12.5 km
Time average - 4h
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Number of ratings: 96