Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Rota da Água, entre Túneis e Condutas - São Miguel PR 42 SMI closed trail


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This linear route connects the place of Remédios to the village of Água do Pau, through ancient roads used by the watermen, taking the water to the parish of Lagoa. The trail crosses several resources connected to this line of activity such as old bridges, aqueducts, clay pipelines, levadas (watercourses) and some tunnels. To cross the tunnels, it is advisable the use of lanterns and before starting the trail be sure you are suitably equipped. Along the trail, it is necessary to pay special attention for the presence of animals that should not be disturbed. This trail shares legs with other trails therefore pay attention to the signaling marks.

Begin the walk near Casa da Água – Trail Point, an old milk post transformed into an Help Center for trekkers, to promote the municipality of Lagoa and environmental awareness. Go to Remédios passing by the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, situated on a high point with a view towards the South coast of the island. Continue until you enter a dirt road accessing pastures. At this point of the trail you will cross several tunnels until you reach Janela do Inferno, a vertical wall, rich in springs and where it is possible to see Newts (Triturus cristatus) in different stages of their life cycle (adult, juvenile/eft and aquatic larva).

Continue the trail until the point where the trails go apart (PRC 37 SMI – Rota da Água, Janela do Inferno that continues towards Remédios) and follow heading Água de Pau. The trail will pass by a viewpoint, at Pico do Raposo, several ancient bridges and a fountain. Ahead there is a municipal shortcut, on your right hand side, that connects to the village of Água de Pau. Continue through the South slope of Fogo that, due to the abundance of water, lead to the setting of several plants of potable water collection, allowing the economic development of Lagoa.

The trail enters a descending stage passing by a crossroad with PR 41 SMI – Rota da Água, Pedras Brancas, where you should follow right towards Água de Pau. If you choose to go left, you will go to Ribeira Chã. Ahead you will cross a vertical wall known locally as Pedras Brancas (white stones) where it is usual the practice of climbing and rappel. Continue until you reach the center of the village of Água de Pau, place where the trail ends.



Categoria - Lineare
Difficoltà - Medio
Estensione - 15 km
Tempo medio - 5h00
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