Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Caminhos Velhos - Faial PR07 FAI


Trail Info

This route crosses a protected area for habitats and species management of Lomba Grande, a section of protected landscape of the Central Area and ends in the natural reserve of Caldeira of Faial. Major part of the trail is through the Graben of Pedro Miguel, one of the main Geosites of the Archipelago, ending in another also important one, Caldeira. This walk, besides its landscape value, takes place in old rural roads that connected the populations in the old times.

Begin the trail in the center of Ribeirinha, a parish that was hit by the earthquake of 1998, visible in the ruins of the church of São Mateus (1934). Continue until the coast, passing by the harbor of Boca da Ribeira and proceed until the Lighthouse of Ribeirinha (inaugurated in 1919), also damaged by the earthquake of 1998.

Continue by the interior of the wood, passing by the viewpoint of Ribeirinha and go down towards the place of Espalhafatos. Follow to the right by the road, with caution and ahead, on the left end side, by a dirt road accessing cultivated fields and pastures.  The trail crosses a road and continues in an ascending phase until arriving to a forest road where you should continue by the left end side.

Enjoy this small descending stage of the trail to regain strength while crossing the protected area of Lomba Grande. Here there is a connection to the center of Ribeirinha through the trail PRC 09 FAI – Ribeirinha. Continue along this road until Charcos of Pedro Miguel, a privileged area for watching migrating birds and proceed along several dirt alleys that alternates with asphalted ground until reaching the resting area of Cabouco Velho. From here, the road winds through a lapilli road (red/black gravel) until you arrive to the viewpoint of Cabouco.

Once you reach the end of the trail, be sure to cross the tunnel with a view to the interior of the crater. Here, there is the possibility to cover the perimeter of the Caldeira through the rail PRC 04 FAI – Caldeira or make the connection with the West side of the island through the trail PR 06 FAI – Rota dos Dez Vulcões.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Hard
Extension - 17.5 km
Time average - 7h00
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Number of ratings: 78