Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Ponta Delgada - Fajã Grande - Flores PR01 FLO closed trail


Trail Info

This linear route connects the villages of Ponta Delgada to Fajã Grande. Along the trail, whenever necessary to cross a gate, always leave it closed. There are some sections where the stone ground may be slippery, being advisable caution and the wear of proper footwear. After some days of heavy rain, cross the streams with extreme caution due to the increase of the water flow.

The trail begins in the center of the village, near the Casa do Povo. Follow the marks along the road with the island of Corvo at Northeast. After passing the last houses, continue until you reach a detour on your right towards the lighthouse of Ponta de Albernaz. Inaugurated in 1925, it is the most western lighthouse of the archipelago and of Europe.

Return by the same way, turning right heading South. Approximately with the islet of Maria Vaz on your right, leave the tarmac and follow the land road ahead. This area called Casteletes allows the viewing (besides the islet left behind) of fajã da Quebrada Nova and if the weather allows it, the island of Corvo at North.

From here the walk goes down through Rocha do Risco – attention for the danger of vertigo – along a forest area of Azores Juniper (Juniperus brevifolia) until you arrive at Ponta da Fajã. Follow the marks, passing by a detour to Poço do Bacalhau, as far as the bathing area/picnic of Fajã Grande, place where the trail ends and where you can profit to dive in the Atlantic waters.

Here there are connections to other points of the island through the trails PR 02 FLO – Fajã Grande/Lajedo and PR 03 FLO – Miradouro das Lagoas/Poço do Bacalhau.

This route is not recommended for people with vertigo.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Hard
Extension - 12.9 km
Time average - 4h30
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