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Mistérios do Sul do Pico - Pico PR15PIC


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The trail “Mistérios do Sul do Pico” begins at the Parque florestal de São João and passes the two Mysteries (São João and Silveira). Historically the name Mysteries (“Mistérios”) was applied to the lava fields created by volcanic eruptions that formed the islands. The first inhabitants had no idea how they were formed and therefore began calling them mysteries of nature.

Follow the beaten dirt track to the right of the picnic and barbecue area and then follow the dirt path to your left. This path will lead you to the tidal pool known as “Baía do Arruda” (on the left).

Continue along this path and you will find the recreation and swimming area of “Ponta do Admouro”.Go down the stone stairs to this area and return to the road though the main entrance.

Continuing to your right you will reach the tidal pool of “Verdoso”. Follow the stairs down to the tidal pool and enjoy the direct access to the ocean.

Return to the road and continue until you reach the swimming area of “Arinhas”.

Further along you will arrive at the “Casa do Pico and Pico Cheese Museum, property of “Alvião”.

Follow the road in your right until you reach the church “Igreja de São João” and the chapel of the “Império do Espírito Santo”, Empire of the Holy Ghost. Continue along the road next to the ocean, and then follow the “Caminho Velho” walking trail which will take you to the “Moinho da Ponta Rasa”, a water mill.

Continue to your right towards Lajes. Further along follow the dirt path to the right. This area is known as the Mystery of Silveira (“Mistério da Silveira”), a formation which resulted from the volcanic eruption of 1720. Follow the dirt road and enter a path that runs along the coast. Return to the road and continue along, until you reach a swimming area known as “Fonte”. This local is well known for the unique features of the spring water found here.

Continue the hike along the coastal path and you will come upon the “Rego” tidal poll as well as a small recreational area. Next you will pass a tourist resort. Detour and follow the lane “Canada Pau Rodrigues”. When you reach the regional road (Estrada Regional), turn right as the trail will end at the Chapel, “Capela do Espírito Santo”. It was built in 1723 to fulfill the promise made at the time of the eruption in 1720, so the eruption would not cover the area of “Silveira”. 


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 8.5 km
Time average - 3h
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