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Mistérios do Sul do Pico - Pico PR15PIC


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The walking trail of “Mistérios do Sul do Pico” starts in the Forest Reserve and Recreation Park of Mistério de São João and includes the "Mistério de São João" and the "Mistério da Silveira", which are testimonies of the lava torrents passage, resulting from the historical volcanic eruptions of 1718 and 1720, respectively. The word "mistérios", which translates as “mysteries”, is due to the lack of knowledge and fear that these natural phenomena caused to the Azorean population.

Regarding the historical and cultural heritage, the highlights include the old "tidal wells" [Baía do Arruda; Ponta do Admoiro; Verdoso; and Maré do Rego] which supplied, in the past, water to the population's for domestic purposes, as well as the Ponta Rasa windmill, built in 1949 and classified as Property of Municipal Interest. “Casa do Pico” and the museum center "O Alvião", are touristic points that is worth to visit, where is possible to know the history of the typical families of the island of Pico, as well as the traditional São João cheese.

As for the religious heritage, the main highlights are the "Impérios" (typical regional religious structures) that celebrates the Holly Spirit, the Church of São João and the Church of São Bartolomeu, in the parish of Silveira, where the trail ends.

The coastal landscapes are another point of interest throughout the trail. It is possible to contemplate several natural pools along the route, such as Ponta do Admoiro and the bathing areas of Arinhas and Fonte, which invite the hiker for a refreshing swim in the sea. The trail takes place in the vicinity of the Habitat/Species Management Area of Mistérios de São João and Silveira, so it is a common responsibility of all to ensure the safeguarding of its biodiversity through the conservation of these coastal habitats, by having maximum care and respect for the nature along the trail


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 8.5 km
Time average - 3h
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