Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Vinhas da Criação Velha - Pico PR05 PIC


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This linear route connects the village of Candelária to the place of Areia Larga, municipality of Madalena.

Distinguished in 2011 by BootsnAll, this trail stands out for its scenic and cultural diversity. It thrives in an area of Protected Landscape for the Vine Culture, one of the most emblematic of the island, including a great active vineyard area, where the walls streaking is in perfect state of preservation. Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2004, this trail is rich in elements associated to the vine culture such as ´”rola-pipas” (carved slopes to enable the sliding of the wine barrels to the boats), “relheiras” (tracks left by the wheels of the ox carts), the shelter houses, the wine cellars, the tide wells, among others.

Begin the trail at Porto do Calhau and continue near the coast passing by a tide well, typical from this island, representing the adjustment of the inhabitants in the conquest of the elements and from where they remove the brackish water for domestic use or for the vineyards.

Proceed along the road passing by Porto do Pocinho, where again you will find a tide well and a picnic area. From here the trail goes round the hill by the right. Profit this high ground area of the trekking to enjoy the view over the vineyards but also the islets of Madalena.

Follow the marks again until near the coast, passing by the bathing area of Laja das Rosas, entering in the typical area of Pico’s vineyards. Along this trail pay attention to the “relheiras” but also to the windmill Moinho do Frade, rebuilt in 2003/2004, used for the grain milling. Arriving to the road, where you should follow right, do not miss a good example of a “Rola-Pipas”.

The trail proceed near the sea, passing by Solar dos Limas and by Solar dos Salemas until ending near the restaurant Ancoradouro at Porto da Areia Larga. Along the trail we ask the hikers not to collect fruit.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 6.9 km
Time average - 2h
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