Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Santo Espírito - Maia - Santa Maria PR04 SMA


Trail Info

This small route connects the village of Santo Espírito to the place of Maia, Southeast part of the island. Begin the trail near the church of Santo Espírito, passing by the Ethnographic Museum of Santa Maria, heading East, towards the sea. Follow the marks along the road until you reach an old windmill. From here, the dirt road winds along a wood of Australian Cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum), passing by an old fountain and afterwards, pastures.

Arriving to the fork, choose right along a dirt road known as Caminho da Lapa. Follow the marks, turning left by a shortcut that passes by an area of springs where once, the women washed the clothes. Proceed towards the coast, passing by a stone alley that goes as far as the stream bank of Aveiro. From here, the trail follows the stream until the cliff, place where, carefully, you should cross the stream.  Already on the other side, stop and look back to enjoy the waterfall of stream of Aveiro that it is formed here, with around 80m high, one of the tallest of the country.

The descend to the village of Maia, unfolds along the rocky cliff, used for the vineyards in barracks or terraces, with small walls of dry stone, relevant part of the culture of the island. We ask the hikers not to pick the fruits from the local farmers, along the trail.

Arriving to Maia, you can make a small a detour to the left in order to see the waterfall of the stream of Aveiro from another perspective, as well as two winepresses built in 1579. Hence the trail goes along the road ending near the bathing area. From here it is possible to do the GRA 01 SMA – Grande Rota de Santa Maria, towards Vila do Porto.

This route is not recommended for people with vertigo.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 4.1 km
Time average - 2h00
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