Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Fajã de Além - São Jorge PRC05 SJO


Trail Info

This circular route with about 5 km length on the North coast of the island, allow us to visit the small and remote Fajã de Além.

Begin the trail near the Chapel of Santo António through a dirt road, arriving to a fork follow left and go down towards fajã.

In this descending it is also possible to have beautiful views over Fajãs de Além, Ouvidor, Ribeira da Areia and in days with good visibility, the islands of Terceira and Graciosa.

The crossing inside fajã is done among rural houses, small agricultural fields with traditional crops, some back up buildings such as cellars and a watermill – “Moinho do Sr. Moisés”. The local inhabitants, an hospitable people, continues to use the old ways in this untouched place by the modern times.

After visiting the fajã, start the return way through the East side. Go up the cliff, passing by some natural water springs and water streams that run over the ridge. Along this way there is an old rock staircase that in rainy days becomes very slippery. During the climb, the sloping plane allows several views over Fajã de Além.

Once you reach the regional road, cross and follow the signs until you find the initial route, now in the opposite direction. Continue to the hermitage where the walk began.


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Hard
Extension - 4.7 km
Time average - 3h00
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Number of ratings: 213