Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Fajã dos Vimes - Fragueira - Portal - São Jorge PR09 SJO


Trail Info

This linear route begins in Fajã dos Vimes, pass by Fajã da Fragueira and ends in Portal, with a length of 3,1 km along the South coast of the island.

Along the trail the marks change between the white, red and yellow from the intersection of Grand and Small Route and the yellow and red of the Small Route. The crossings are properly marked on site, with signaling arrows.

Still inside fajã, profit to visit the handicraft workshop where the traditional quilts are made and taste a coffee produced locally. The trail initiates near the recreation port, serving also as a bathing area. Cross all the fajã in the West sense and follow a dirt road along the cliff where the Australian Cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum) is the main vegetation. In this part of the trail, there is a crossroad with PR 02 SJO Fajã dos Vimes - Serra do Topo and GR 01 SJO Grande Rota de São Jorge.

From this point onwards, the orientation marks used on Small Routes prevails. Along the road until Fragueira it is possible to see the island of Pico on your left hand side. Arriving to Fajã da Fragueira, cross an area of vineyard terraces and traditional cellars. Visit the ruins of the house of the Maestro and Composer Francisco de Lacerda that lived here for 8 years in the period after the World War I.

From here, the walk continues along an old staircase (pay attention to the slippery ground) towards Portal. Follow the marks until the church, where the trail ends


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 3.1 km
Time average - 1h 30m
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Number of ratings: 159