Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Nascentes de Santo António - São Miguel PR 17 SMI closed trail


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Located on the North coast of the island, this route crosses the village of Santo António, known for its several water lines along the hill until the coastal area. In the past, the water lines were forward to several watermills known as Mills of Cruz or Rocha, nowadays used for public water supply.

Begin the trail near the road and go down a concrete path until the picnic area of Fonte Grande. Here you can choose a round trip detour until some sinks, former used by the population to do the laundry (photo 1) and recently restored. On the way back, profit to enjoy the view of the landscape over the coast.

In the past, the dirt road along the hill gave access to the watermills that were here and nowadays crosses several small water tanks for public supply. The descend ends reaching a house where you can find and old hydroelectric power plant (photo 2). Acquired in the past, in 1908, from the Société d’Electricité Alioth (France) by a local dynamic industrial inhabitant, for the production of energy for a new mill and some houses.

Along the way, predominates the Giant Canes (Arundo donax) and after passing a waterfall you can choose to make a detour, on your left hand side, to a place over the pebble beach with a view to the North coast, mainly to the village of Capelas on the East. Follow the path climbing the cliff, at this part of the trail we recommend caution due to the danger of vertigo and continue along it until reaching a pasture.

Proceed by the cliff side and start descend (photo 3) to the old fishing harbor of Santo António. The trail surrounds Ponta de Santo António passing by the port (photo 4) until Rosário area. This spot is a bathing area, where, if weather allows it, you can profit to swim in the fresh waters of the Atlantic. Ahead, there is a picnic area where you can rest and the chapel of Rosário. The path continues along the asphalted road and ends at the center of the village, near the church of Santo António, where the settlement of Santo António began.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 2.8 km
Time average - 1h30m
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