Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Padrão das Alminhas - Salto da Farinha - São Miguel PR21 SMI


Trail Info

This linear route in Nordeste connects the villages of Achadinha to Salga, passing by places of enormous natural beauty and of great historical importance.

Begin the trail near the Historical Standard of Alminhas. Follow the road towards the coast, passing by the House of João Melo and along the descending profit from the view over the shoreline.

Turn left by a parallel road to a levada (water channel) that used to supply a watermill. In this region, known as Risco, profit to explore the area, from the waterfalls to the beach. Back to the trail, go along the hill until the first fork where you should follow left, choosing alike on the following crossings. Along this ride you will pass by Poço Azul, where you can profit to refresh and follow the Ponte de Nosso Senhor. Arriving again to the first fork, continue left towards Salto da Farinha (Salga) until you reach the main road where you should go right.

Follow the curve and turn right by a trail that goes down to Salto da Farinha, a waterfall of 40 metres high that used to help in the cereals grinding. Pass by the waterfall until a picnic area and make a detour to the left to the base of this water stream. The trail ends at the parking place. Profit to have a swim in this bathing area with access to the sea or in the small swimming poll near the toilets. At the top of the climbing there is the viewpoint of Salto da Farinha from where it is possible to see the waterfall as well as the North coast of the island.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 4.9 km
Time average - 2h00
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