Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Praia – Lagoa do Fogo - São Miguel PRC02 SMI


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This linear roundtrip until the banks of Lagoa do Fogo begin in a dirt road that accesses farming lands and pastures. During the climb you will pass by the ruins of an ancient factory where fibers were produced from a plant introduced, the New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax).

Continue climbing until you reach a fork, follow right by a wood of Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), until you arrive to a Levada (an irrigation channel), on which the trail proceeds. It is advisable to wear proper shoes due to the presence of muddy areas on the extension of the Levada.

At this stage it is possible to observe several endemic flora such as Azorean Blueberry (Vaccinium cylindraceum), Azorean Heather (Erica azorica), and Laurustinus (Viburnum treleasei) among others.

Passing by the dam you will enter in the valley of Ribeira da Praia, an open area, with big slopes on both sides, with several points of water abstraction. This construction, initiated in 1984, intended to abstract the major part of the water springs from the filtering of Lagoa do Fogo and was concluded in 1998.

Reaching the lake bank, caution is advised due to the presence of a colony of seagulls, especially territorial during the nesting season (April-May).

The return is made on the opposite sense, taking advantage of the magnificent view over the South Coast of the island with the Islet of Vila Franca.


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 11 km
Time average - 4h00
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