Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Fajã do Mar - São Miguel PRC46 SMI


Trail Info

The pedestrian route to Fajã do Mar begins and ends at the viewpoint of Vigia das Baleias, in the parish of Feteiras which, due to its wide views over the south coast of the island of São Miguel, was used as a support for the "lookouts" on land to observe and locate the whales, representing an important testimony of the history of whaling, which had economic importance in the Azores in the last century, and continues to be used today, but for the purposes of the tourist activity of "whale watching".

Fajã do Mar is a coastal platform that results from the accumulation of slope deposits that have detached from the rocky cliff overlooking the sea, about 250 m high. The Fajã do Mar walking trail, with connection to the PR20SMI - Rocha da Relva trail, allows the hiker to explore and get to know the heritage and cultural elements that characterise the ambience of the Azorean fajãs such as the relationship and proximity of the land to the sea, the grandeur of the high cliffs, the typical microclimate, the fertility of the soil, the traditional wineries and summer houses and vineyard culture.

Along the slope it is possible to observe the various geological layers of different colours composed of red and blackish bagacinas (pumice/lapilli), yellowish tuffs and grey lava flows which form the cliff, as well as water springs, Cory's shearwater nests (holes dug in the rock) and some species of natural flora, especially the Rock hay (Festuca petrae), the Fayatree (Morella faya), the Azoreanheather (Erica azorica), and the Milkweed (Euphorbia azorica).

On the way up there is a small detour (round trip) towards the old portinho (harbor) de Cima das Feteiras, and the poça da Raçoula.

The walking trail develops within the limits of the Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species, this protected area has an important role as a nesting area for the species Calonectris borealis (shearwater), so it is a common responsibility of all to ensure the safeguarding of its biodiversity through the conservation of these coastal habitats, taking maximum care and respect along your walk.



Categoría - Circular
Dificultad - Medio
Extensión - 5 km
Tiempo estimado - 2h30
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