Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

São Miguel


Temperature (°C) : 17
Maximum Temperature (°C) : 17
Minimum Temperature (°C) : 13
Maximum Temperature (°C) : 18
Minimum Temperature (°C) : 13

Location and Climate

With a total surface of 759.41 km2, San Miguel is 65 km long (E-W) and 14 km wide (N-S).

Together with Santa Maria (at a distance of 55 miles) it forms the Oriental Group. Terceira is located 90 miles to the NW

Position 25º30' W and 37º50' N.

The climate is mild with average temperatures of 16º C (61º F) in spring, 21º C (70º F) during the summer, 18º C (64º F) during fall and 14º C (57º F) in the winter, which contributes to an exuberant vegetation.