Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo



Location and Climate

With a 15 mile distance between them, Flores and Corvo form the occidental group of the archipelago.

Corvo is the smallest island measuring 6.5 km long, 4 km wide and its surface only 17.45 km2.

Position: Longitude: 31º05' W and Latitude: 39º40 N.

The climate is mild, with temperatures averaging 14º C (57F) in Winter and 20º C (68º F) in Summer.


Cara do Índio

Trail Information
Category - Linear
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 10.3 km
Time average - 3h00m
Trail Info

This linear route connects two important geosites, Caldeirão to Vila do Corvo, covering from North to South, one of the least affected islands of the archipelago, by the anthropogenic action. Follow along the asphalted road towards South enjoying the perspective of the island. Arriving to a house, known as the house of the Forestry, choose a dirt alley passing by the stream of Trevo, until reaching a dirt road.


Trail Information
Category - Circular
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 4.8 km
Time average - 2h30m
Trail Info

Evolving in a protected area for the Management of Habitats or Species of Costa and Caldeirão of Corvo, this circular route allows to access a collapse crater, stablish at the top of the central volcano and one of the main geosites of the island.  This trail progresses in an altitude between 400 and 560 meters, being advisable to do it in days of good weather and visibility. Along the trail it is normal the presence of bovine, equine and goat cattle that should not be disturbed.



The Black Island

The landscape of Corvo is filled with black stone walls that divide properties. The barns, built with basaltic rock, are used to store the tools used in farming and fodder, and they add to the black stain that gave origin to the colour attributed to this island.

The entire island of Corvo corresponds to a main volcanic struture, with a caldera at the top (called Caldeirão) and about twenty secondary volcanic cones on its flanks and inside the caldera. It is thus a "volcano-island", the only one in the archipelago with these features.


The smallest island of the Azores is 6.24 km long and has 3.99 km at its maximum width. This oval shaped island stretches from north to south and has an area of 17.1 sq. km, with 430 people (2011 data) living there. The island of Corvo and the island of Flores, 17.9 km away, make up the Western Group of the archipelago. The highest point of the island, at an altitude of 720 m, is located in the area known as Estreitinho at 39°41'58'' latitude north and 31°06'55'' longitude west.

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