Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Rocha da Fajã - Faial PRC02 FAI


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Inserted in the protected area for the habitats or species management of Capelinhos, Northwest coast and Varadouro, this route shows Fajã da Praia do Norte, greatly affected by the historical eruption of Cabeço do Fogo, in 1672. The cliff, of mist origin (detrital and lava stone), constitutes the Geosite of the Fossil Cliff of Praia do Norte and represents an important place for the settlement of the population due to its micro climate that allowed the production of vineyards, wine cellars construction and summer houses.

Begin the trail near the regional road and follow the marks passing by several fountains  until you start to descend by a dirt road accessing cultivated fields. Go down, carefully, until you arrive to the cliff covered with laurel forest typical vegetation such as Azorean Heather (Erica azorica), White Wood (Picconia azorica) among others. Little further ahead there is a viewpoint to the North coast of the island.

Arriving to the base, cross the stream of Adão and follow the street of Rua das Adegas until Praia do Norte beach, known locally for the practice of surf. Continue along the coast passing by a kinder park, an area for the protection of endemic plants and a picnic area.

From here the trail goes to the center of Praia do Norte, passing by the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, built in 1787. The trail follows the road until going up the cliff by a dirt road, on the left. Reaching again the road, turn right on the fountain until the place where the path begins.


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 5 km
Time average - 2h30
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