Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Fajã de São João - Lourais - Fajã dos Vimes - São Jorge PR03 SJO closed trail


Trail Info

This linear route runs across the South coast of the island between Fajã de São João, passing by Lourais, Fajã dos Bodes and ends in Fajã dos Vimes. After heavy raining days, avoid the trail between Lourais and Fajã dos Vimes due to the difficult crossing of the streams.

The trail begins near the local cafe, from here it is possible to admire the narrow streets of traditional pavement and the small houses. Pass by the church and follow towards Northwest to Lourais.

Coming out from fajã, cross small agricultural fields with traditional crops such as the vineyard, corn and yam. Along the climb, the farmed fields give place woods of mainly Fayatree (Morella faya), Australian Cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum) and White wood (Picconia azorica). In this ascending stage, profit to stop and enjoy the view of Fajã de São João that you left behind.

Before arriving to Lourais (top of the climbing) you will have to cross ribeira do Salto, whose name comes from a huge waterfall that is formed here. Cross the place and continue, in a descending sense, through a dirt road towards Fajã dos Bodes.

Reaching ribeira dos Cedros, you are at the middle of the descend, cross it carefully due to slippery ground. Continue the trail and contemplate the view ahead of you, mainly the islands of Pico and Faial, Fajãs dos Bodes and Vimes and the village of Calheta. Along the descending the endemic vegetation of the peak such as Azorean Heather (Erica azorica) and Azorean Blueberry (Vaccinium cylindraceum) will give place to woods of Australian Cheesewood and Fayatree until you reach Fajã dos Bodes. From here follow the marks along the coast until reaching Fajã dos Vimes.

Go down the road until you arrive to the recreation port, place where the walk ends and where you can profit to dive into the Atlantic waters. From here there are connections to other points of the island through the walking trails PR 02 SJO Fajã dos Vimes – Serra do Topo, PR 09 SJO Fajã dos Vimes – Fragueira – Portal and GR 01 SJO Grande Rota de São Jorge.

In the interior of the fajã, it is possible to visit the handicraft workshop where the traditional quilts are made and taste a coffee produced locally.


Trail Information

Category - Linear
Difficulty - Hard
Extension - 9.7 km
Time average - 3h30m
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