Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande - Salto do Cabrito - São Miguel PRC29 SMI


Trail Info

Begin this walk at Ribeira Grande hot springs, going down the asphalted road and turn left heading Lombadas/Monte Escuro until you find a pipeline.

Continue left on the asphalted road and turn right, transpose a wall and follow along the way to gain access to the Fajã do Redondo Dam.

Take the same road back until the same pipeline and follow it until you find a detour on your left side, near a gate. When you arrive to the Hydroelectric Power Plant of Fajã do Redondo, climb the stairs that give access to a metallic sidewalk and continue until you reach the Hydroelectric Power Plant of Salto do Cabrito. Go round the building so you can see the waterfall that gives name to this power plant. Before climbing you will go through a detour on your right, near a stream, ending in sparkling water spring.

Return to the main road and go up until you reach the asphalted road, turning right. Follow the marks and turn right to a dirt road. Here you have to overcome two streams, the second one with bigger flow, being advisable to cross it barefooted.

Ahead you will find a fork, go right, cutting the your first on your left side until you see a paved road where you should turn right again, back to the Caldeiras of Ribeira Grande


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Medium
Extension - 8.5 km
Time average - 2h30
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Number of ratings: 940