Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

Chá Gorreana - São Miguel PRC28 SMI


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This circular route along the tea plantations begins at the parking place of the Gorreana tea factory.

Working since 1883, it is the oldest tea plantation in Europe. The used plant – Camellia sinensis – for the green and black tea, was introduced in the island in 1750, brought by the ships returning from the East.

Carefully cross the gate on the way out of the factory towards the gate accessing the tea plantations.

Follow left side along an ascending dirt road, parallel to the main road that winds among the plantation and, later, woods of Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica). After crossing a stone bridge, pastures will take place over the tea plantations and the woods.  You will find some agricultural fields, supporting houses for agricultural activity and the last tea plantations. In this high point of the trail, profit to enjoy the view over the North coast of the island.

Following the marks, leave the main road that goes up on the left, continuing by a descending narrow dirt road. This road, once used by the workers on the harvest season, goes down between the plantations until the tea factory where the trail ends.

Already in the factory, rest and enjoy a cup of tea and learn more about the tea cultivation on the island through the different proceedings for its production.


Trail Information

Category - Circular
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 3.4 km
Time average - 1h30
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