Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

São Miguel

Pico da Vara

Trail Information
Category - Circular
Difficulty - Hard
Extension - 7 km
Time average - 3h00
Trail Info

The access to the trail is conditioned through the filling of an application form available on the site: http://servicos-sraa.azores.gov.pt/doit/mdls/fill.asp?id_modelo=1451

ALERT: Temporarily, due to safety reasons, it is only possible to hike between Santo António Nordestinho and Pico da Vara.

São Miguel


The Green Island


São Miguel is the biggest island of the archipelago, with 62.1 km in length and 15.8 km at its maximum width. More than half of the Azorean population (137.856 inhabitants in 2011) occupies an area of 744.7 sq. km. Together with Santa Maria, located 81 km away, São Miguel is part of the Eastern Group of the Azores Archipelago. With an altitude of 1,105 m, Pico da Vara is the island’s highest point located at 37°48’34’’ latitude north and 25°12’40’’ longitude west.

Vista do Rei - Sete Cidades

Trail Information
Category - Linear
Difficulty - Easy
Extension - 7.7 km
Time average - 2h00
Trail Info

This trail starts at Vista do Rei viewpoint, goes through the southwest slope of the Sete Cidades ridges and ends inside the village. Throughout the walk it is possible to contemplate the interior of the crater with its different lakes and volcanic formations.

Arriving to the tarmac road there is a possibility to make a small detour, to the left and visit the viewpoint of Lomba do Vasco with a view over the west coast, focusing on the village of Mosteiros and its small islets.


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